Next Level Storytelling Video eLearning Series

Learn to choose, craft and deliver your stories with The Story Theater Method. This series contains 41 instructional video modules, each with a PDF worksheet containing a summary and exercise. It also contains 5 videos of Doug's stories which are referred to in the instructional videos, and available for you to use as reference for the skills and techniques taught in the video modules.

The series is divided into nine Phases:

  • Phase One: Introduction to the eLearning Series and Story Theater
  • Phase Two: Choosing Your Stories
  • Phase Three: The Nine Steps of Story Structure
  • Phase Four: Crafting Your Stories
  • Phase Five: Branding Your Point to Make it Stick
  • Phase Six: Presenting Your Stories, Part 1
  • Phase Seven: Presenting Your Stories, Part 2
  • Phase Eight: Presenting Your Stories, Part 3
  • Phase Nine: The Inner Game of Speaking

Cost is $497.00

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