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Standing Ovation Storytelling

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Standing Ovation Storytelling – Advanced Storytelling Performance Skills

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Take Your Storytelling Skills to the Next Level IN PROCESS

There’s more to the “telling” of a story than just “telling.” People want to know more than just the “report” of what happened, they want to feel and understand it on a deeper level. At the time that you lived the event that the story describes, you most likely encountered an obstacle or challenge of some kind. That obstacle caused an immediate reaction. Your reaction was probably expressed physically, vocally and emotionally. You felt emotions.  You were forced to make decisions and take action. And you learned something.

If you stand outside of the event and talk about it in the past-tense narrative form, you are “telling” the story. You stand in front of an audience describing something that happened in the past. But, contained within the story’s narrative are very powerful moments. When you incorporate Story Theater techniques, you re-enact the most powerful, emotional and dramatic moments like you experienced them when they happened. That draws your listener into a deeper level of engagement and a more profound opportunity to learn.

The re-enacted moments of your story are called “IN Moments” because you literally step out of the narrative form and “IN” to these moments as if you were there, at that moment in time. These moments are like scenes from a play. While you are “IN”, the audience has an experience like that of watching a scene from a movie or a play.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to incorporate acting techniques into your story. No acting experience is required. Bring one story to work on and Doug will show you how your story can come alive and become as powerful in performance as it was when you experienced it.

You’ll Learn How to:

  • Step IN and re-create actions, reactions and interactions
  • Perform two-character and telephone conversations
  • Manage the emotional moments in your story with grace and power
  • Create compelling scenes with three-dimensional staging
  • Use rhythm, tempo and volume changes that match emotional states
  • Show private behavior and reveal private thoughts via self-talk monologues


Doug Stevenson's workshop participants work on strategic storytelling in businessFormat:

  • 70 minutes of streaming video
  • A PDF workbook will be emailed to you.
  • This webinar is pre-recorded.
  • This webinar contains several demonstration videos.



Bonus Options:

  • One Hour Private Coaching: Doug will review and edit your script and coach you on a ZOOM working session. ($375 value for only $200)
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Join UsDon’t just tell it, SHOW it! Learn The Story Theater Method to make your stories come alive!

“I am glad that I participated in the webinar and the coaching session with Doug. It helped me clarify the process of choosing and crafting a story. The direct interaction with Doug in the bonus coaching session is very valuable for having his specific feedback on your story. You can use his experience and improve certain areas in real time. I really appreciated his challenge of transforming the reaction part in my story!”
– Raluca Erimescu, Romania

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About Doug Stevenson

Doug Stevenson, CSP, is the author of Doug Stevenson’s Story Theater Method and is an internationally recognized speaker and trainer on strategic storytelling for leadership, sales, marketing and fundraising. For over 24 years, he has taught the science of the art of storytelling. He has worked with professional speakers, executives, fundraisers, leaders and salespeople, as well as corporate clients in 18 countries. His clients include: Google, Verizon, Coca-Cola, NBC, Deloitte, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pfizer, Con Agra Foods, Caterpillar, Microsoft, SAP, Wells Fargo, US Bank, Aetna, Lockheed Martin, The American Education Association, The National Association of Realtors, The American Medical Association, Rockwell Collins, Insperity, Junior Achievement, Amgen, AAA, Oracle University, Red Bull, Deco Proteste, Asurion, Medstar Hospitals, and hundreds of associations and non-profits.



“Out of the ball park; grand slam; home run; best webinar I’ve ever seen! 100% better than I expected! Give Doug a Hug from me; and a high five; awesome; cannot wait to see the others.”

John Gross, Lakeville, MN

“I have high expectations for webinars, and Doug delivered on his promise. I gained new insights about the art of creating stories that will make my speaking engagements even more impactful and memorable for my top leadership audiences.”

Pamela S. Harper, Founding Partner & CEO, Business Advancement Inc.

“Doug is a master at presenting great ideas in a webinar format. He knows how to manage the learning process of a diverse group with varied skill levels along with interactive exercises. A webinar is the way to go if you are a visual learner.”

Carol Mills, Life Coach, Society for the Advancement of Consulting

“Doug pulled off the near-impossible — he channeled his in-person energy to the challenging venue of live web training. From now on, in my own web presentations, I will shamelessly emulate his techniques.”

David Fink, Director of Training, Fujitsu General America, Inc.

“I was so inspired by Doug’s Webinar. I ended up hiring Doug for coaching on my Keynote and his wise advice and encouragement really upped my game and boosted my confidence.”

Diane Flynn, Cofounder and CEO, ReBoot Accel

“Doug’s storytelling webinar opened my eyes to constructing a presentation in a lively, dynamic, colorful way that had never occurred to me. The webinar, combined with the coaching session, gave me the confidence I needed to have a top-notch keynote.”

Ellen F. Kandell, Esq., President, Alternative Resolutions, LLC

“I have consistently found Doug’s webinars and workshops valuable particularly in story structure and performance. His Story Theater Method book offers multiple instantly actionable tips in performance and scripting–talk it, transcribe it, then edit, rehearse, sharpen flow, word choice, pauses …. Lessons he enhances with each engagement.”

Gerry Lantz, Stories That Work®

Motivation and Leadership Keynote

“We brought Doug in to teach the power of storytelling for our C-Suite Leadership Conference. Our members love him. That’s why we keep bringing him back. One of our executives said, ‘This is the best presentation on storytelling I’ve ever attended.’ He’s also a great choice for an opening keynote because he sets the tone for the entire conference. I highly recommend him.”

Meredith Forehand, VP of Leadership Development, Hospital Corporation of America

Leadership Development Training

“We brought Doug Stevenson in to teach his storytelling method to both our senior trainers and our senior management here at Oracle University. He was a huge success. Since that time, I’ve personally used what I learned from Doug and have found it to be practical, valuable and fun. I’ve also hired him two more times to work with other groups. His workshop is both inspirational and very practical, with easy-to-use tools and techniques. I’m constantly looking for opportunities to bring Doug back into Oracle and I highly recommend him. Doug Stevenson delivers!”

Elizabeth Wiseman, VP, Oracle University

“Doug, it’s safe to say you knocked it out of the park. Some of the feedback I’m hearing from your storytelling workshop; “This was the best training I’ve ever had at ….” “We need to get Doug’s message out to more people here.” “Doug makes the material so compelling.” We really appreciate your time and hope we can work together again soon.”

Darrin Wylie, Director, Experience Architecture, Major Insurance Company

Sales Keynotes and Training

“Doug Stevenson gave an informative and entertaining keynote on storytelling for sales at our Global Sales Kick-Off. We know storytelling will help us close more sales and Doug’s methodology is what we needed to get us started. Doug was a big hit for us and he’ll be a big hit for you.”

Patrick Stuver, Co-Founder, Everbridge

Venture Capital Presentations and Coaching

“Doug is truly a master in teaching the art and science of public speaking and storytelling.  Over 15 months after I studied with Doug, I found myself sharing Doug’s method to the CEO of Qwiki, a San Francisco-based technology startup, the night before a major startup contest.  Doug’s system transformed the CEO’s speech dramatically and we WON the contest.  Winning increased Qwiki’s profile (NY Times, etc.) significantly and, as a result, we accelerated our fundraising process and raised $8 million in Series A financing.  Doug’s Story Theater Method had a direct, measurable, and substantial impact on our company.”

Navin Thukkaram, Managing Director, NT Capital Partners, COO, Qwiki Inc

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