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Podcast Host: Storytelling That Sticks for Business and Life

“Doug's coaching dramatically accelerated my career”

“A master speaking coach”

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The best presentation on storytelling that I have attended in my career. - Healthcare CEO

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Your storytelling presentations were the two highest scoring sessions in our entire conference. - Brian R. Gareau, OE + E Manager, Caterpillar

Make business storytelling work for you. You already have stories – now put them to work for you. Doug’s business storytelling methodology makes it easy for you, as a leader, trainer, marketer or sales person, to identify and craft your stories to be more compelling, memorable and profitable.  Learn to make an emotional connection through storytelling.

Corporate Storytelling Presentations

Storytelling Keynote Speaker

A Strategic Storytelling Methodology Designed to Improve Your Ability to Influence, Persuade and Sell

Doug's Strategic Storytelling Methodology is the science of the art of storytelling for business presentations. This method isn't fluff and theory. It's a strategic process that makes business storytelling accessible to everyone. Most of Doug's clients complain that they are too data-driven in their presentations. They acknowledge the need to make an emotional connection and they struggle with how to tell a story and deliver data at the same time. Doug will teach you how to identify stories that will take your business to the next level of success and profitability.

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  • Engaging stories
  • Highly interactive
  • Brings teams together
  • High energy and lots of fun
  • Customized content
  • Skill-building exercises

“We brought Doug Stevenson in to teach his Story Theater Method to both our senior trainers and our senior management here at Oracle University. He was a huge success. I've also hired him three more times to work with other groups. His workshop is both inspirational and very practical. I highly recommend him.” - Elizabeth Wiseman, VP, Oracle University

Are you looking for a dynamic keynote speaker?
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Business Storytelling is the Key!

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“Doug, it's safe to say you knocked it out of the park. Some of the feedback I'm hearing from your storytelling workshop: ‘This was the best training I've ever had at our company.’ ‘We need to get Doug's message out to more people here.’ ‘Doug makes the material so compelling.’ I'll be in touch.” - Darrin Wylie, Director, Experience Architecture, (Major Insurance Company)

“Doug Stevenson gave an informative and entertaining keynote on storytelling for sales at our 2017 Global Sales Kick-Off. We know storytelling will help us close more sales and Doug's methodology is what we needed to get us started. Doug was a big hit for us and he'll be a big hit for you.” - Patrick Stuver, Co-Founder, Everbridge

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Storytelling Keynote Speaker

For most employees, the only time they see senior-level executives is when they speak at large meetings. The speech the executive gives has the potential to inform, inspire and impress. Or, it can be a wasted opportunity, or worse — the speech can miss the mark and fall flat.

Let Doug help you deliver the speech that will be remembered for years to come!

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