Corporate Storytelling in Business Coaching

For Leaders and Individuals:

Learn to use metaphors and stories to engage attention, inspire action and be a more persuasive leader, trainer, salesperson, coach, fundraiser or speaker.

If you’re looking for a master storytelling coach and trainer who can teach your people how to tell THEIR stories in a more effective and engaging manner, you’ve come to the right place. This is not theory based education, this is practical application.

  • Does your speaking potential exceed your speaking ability?
  • Do you want to move from good to great?
  • Do you want and need individual attention?
  • Do you have a specific presentation that you want to polish?
  • Are you ready to get specific about your content and delivery choices?
  • Are the stakes too high to wait any longer?
  • Do you want a dramatic improvement in a short time?

Take your presentation skills to the next level.

My job as your speaking coach is to help you release your power and potential as a speaker. You already have all the tools you need to be interesting and engaging. When you’re not in front of an audience, you’re intelligent, articulate and probably funny. I can help you be all of that and more in front of 5 or 500 people. The person with the best story…wins!

You have the talent. Let me help you polish your brilliance.

The foundation for your magnificence already exists. You have a rhythm and style all your own. Utilizing over 35 years of acting, directing, coaching and business presentation experience, I tailor my coaching to you. I help you to stretch and grow in a safe environment of positive feedback and constructive criticism. I’ve witnessed dramatic results in a very short time.

From knocking knees to speaking with confidence and power:

Learn how to design a great speech or presentation.

I will bring out your best and coach you to levels of excellence that you have not been able to tap into on your own. Regardless of your level of experience or expertise, I will show you step-by-step how to build and deliver a powerful presentation that gets results. You can be a great speaker. You just need to know what you don’t know.

Sell More.

He was smart, accomplished, and already a millionaire. He came to me because he was too dependent on data in his presentations. He had a winning personality and a desire to be the best technology speaker in the world. I coached him on a story about his dad. I told him that my Story Theater Method would allow him to develop all of his stories in the future, and that learning the methodology was like learning to ride a bike – once you’ve got it, you’ve got it!  It’s storytelling technology for business presentations.

After working with me, he went back to Silicon Valley where he was a principal in a technology startup. His company had landed a speaking slot in Tech Crunch Disrupt, the premiere competition for technology companies. Win the competition and you not only get world-class exposure, you raise money to take your company to the next level. They won the competition.

Watch this video as Navin explains how he has used The Story Theater Method to raise millions of dollars in startup funding.

Raising $40 million in funding; increasing your business ten-fold:

Become a more effective speaker for any situation.

Larry Donnithorne

“I wanted to be more effective in my speaking. I had done everything I could think of to do to learn and improve my story-telling – short of actually doing a program with Doug. But, no amount of reading, study, or practice, would have been sufficient to teach me what I learned in the retreat with Doug. Doug knows his technique so completely and can teach it so felicitously that he is able to take a motley crew of story-tellers and immediately improve their method and technique, despite a wide variation in the skill level and approach of each storyteller. Even when I was not the one being coached, I found that what Doug was telling the others was as useful to me as it was to the person being coached at the moment. After one day of coaching sessions, the stories that we told the second day were DRAMATICALLY transformed from the stories that we had told the first day. I saw truly dramatic improvement not only in my own story and its telling but, to my amazement, I saw it in every other participant’s story and telling as well. The proof was in the pudding! It was time and money well spent for every person who was there!

– Dr. Larry Donnithorne, President, Colorado Christian University

Where do you want to go? Let me help you get there.

  • Keynote speech development
  • Leadership development
  • Marketing speech development
  • Collaborative speech writing
  • The Dynamite Speech System
  • Training program design & delivery
  • Story development
    • choosing the story
    • crafting the story using The Nine Steps
    • delivering the story – performance
  • Message branding using the Phrase That Pays
  • Professional speaking career coaching
  • Using Credibility stories to sell your products and services
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“Doug – I spoke last Wednesday to 1200 people. I nailed it. It was the storytelling, humor and staging that you’ve taught me. Thanks for your coaching. You’ve got a gift.”

– Elaine Allison, President, Presentations Plus, Inc.

Don Maruska

“After delivering an address to over 200 applauding Silicon Valley managers, people thronged around me. They specifically mentioned how much they enjoyed the stories. Doug’s Story Theater Retreat was an investment with hugely positive payoffs.”

– Don Maruska, Author of How Great Decisions Are Made


Laura Lopez

“Doug has easy-to-follow steps and formulas to help you be the most amazing and dynamic speaker that you have the power to be. Doug is awesome!”

– Laura Lopez, former Coca Cola executive

“We brought Doug Stevenson in to teach his Story Theater Method to both our senior trainers and our senior management here at Oracle University. He was a huge success. Since that time, I’ve personally used what I learned from Doug and have found it to be practical, valuable and fun. I’ve also hired him two more times to work with other groups. His workshop is both inspirational and very practical, with easy-to-use tools and techniques. I’m constantly looking for opportunities to bring Doug back into Oracle and I highly recommend him. Doug Stevenson delivers!”

Elizabeth Wiseman, VP, Oracle University

What sets The Story Theater Method for storytelling in business apart?

Great stories are more like a movie than a report. Like a good movie, they are crafted to stimulate an emotional as well as a logical response. They are engaging and effective because they activate the listener’s imagination. You haven’t really connected with your audience until you’ve told a story.

Just telling a story however is not enough. You’ve got to know what you’re doing to be effective. If it’s the wrong story, told in a rambling, all-over-the-place manner, without a strategic point that is well branded, it can be a waste of everyone’s time.

I will make you a better speaker and storyteller.

For many years I made a good living delivering keynotes filled with powerful stories. Some were funny and some were dramatic. Then in 1996 my friends in the professional speaking business asked me to teach them how to tell stories using my unique process.  While I still deliver plenty of keynotes, I’ve found that I have an almost telepathic ability to meet each person where they are as a speaker and take them to another level.

I can take you to the next level. I guarantee it. I’ve done it hundreds of times with people at all levels of speaking.

I’ll show you how it’s done and within a very short time, have you on your feet telling stories that have the power to inspire and influence others.

Corporate Storytelling in Business is Serious Business – It Gets Results!

My form of storytelling for business professionals is a blend of the practical and the theatrical. As a result of utilizing the Story Theater Method, speakers, trainers, leaders, salespeople, entrepreneurs, fundraisers and business professionals at all levels give more interesting and memorable presentations. They make something happen!

I will challenge you. I will speak the truth. As a result, you will learn to lead when you speak, salespeople will sell more and speakers will tell stories that change people’s lives.

  • Corporate training – leadership, train-the-trainer, coaching
  • Keynote speaking – The Power to Persuade-The Magic of Story; Lead, Engage and Persuade with Storytelling; Sell It with a Story
  • Private coaching and consulting

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