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Leadership Development, Corporate Storytelling in Business Training

“Doug helps students discover strengths they don’t know they have and at the same time helps them to shed bad habits. This was the most intimate and intense professional training I have experienced outside of the military.  It was worth the time and money because of the bonding experience and relevance of the topic to our team. Storytelling does need to become part of our day job and this will help that happen.””

Gerrit Schutte, CFO, Con Agra Foods

Learn to Engage, Influence and Sell

  • Do your people give boring presentations that fail to inspire and motivate others to take action?
  • Do they lean too heavily on technical information and fail to engage and connect with people?
  • Would you like to give them new skills, techniques and methodologies that will get results?

You have the talent and ability to be a powerful speaker, leader, and motivator. My gift is in bringing out your gift. I will work with you and your team to create a retreat or training that will stretch your comfort zones and lift you to new heights. It’s not a question of talent or ability. You simply need the right coach.

What you can expect

  • group participation
  • comfort zones will be challenged
  • everyone will be on their feet multiple times
  • an interactive workbook with workbook exercises
  • some individual coaching from the front of the room
  • high energy and lots of laughter and fun
  • practical application and immediate results
  • a wonderful team building event

“I had been told the transition from training to keynote was a major step.  Little did I realize what I was in for when I accepted my first keynote speech and on a national platform to boot.  Wow!  What a difference, and what an exhilarating experience.  Doug Stevenson is a fantastic coach who made it work for me.  He gave me the tools, encouragement and fueled my desire to get out there.  I would not do it again without Doug.  He was always there for me and I could feel his presence when I gave my keynote.  Doug is a true professional whose expert advice was quickly adapted to my unique needs.  Thank you, Doug. You really are my champion.”

Ralph Q. Summerford, CPA, ABV, CFF, CFE, CIRA, President of Forensic/Strategic Solutions

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Doug has provided customized storytelling and presentation skills training programs for Microsoft, Aetna Insurance, Oracle, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cisco, Con Agra Foods, The National Education Association, The National Association of Realtors, Amgen, GlaxoSmithKline, Hewlett Packard, The Institute of Real Estate Management, The Irish Management Institute, The Denmark Ministry of Finance and many more.

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Class Size

Doug prefers a class size under 25 people, with groups of less than 15 being ideal. In reality, that is not always possible. If you are flying your entire team in from all over the country (or world), Doug will work within your parameters. He did a half-day storytelling training for international human resources meeting with 85 people and it was very successful.

Call today: Doug is often booked many months in advance. Call today to check Doug’s availability.
Web based training: If you prefer Webinars and distance learning, that can be arranged.

Contact or call Deborah Merriman today to check Doug’s availability and fees: [email protected];  1-719-310-8586.