About the Story Theater Method

Doug Stevenson wrote the book on how to use stories in business, training and salesThe Story Theater Method is a fascinating and practical synthesis of elements from theater, business presentations and branding. When you understand how to craft a story using classical storytelling form and structure, you can create a story that gets predictable results.

Make Your Message Compelling

With a little “show time” thrown in, the presentation of the story makes it compelling to watch. That’s where subtle acting and humor techniques enter the mix. I call it practical theatricality. If you’re looking to create an emotional connection with your audience, this is where it happens.

Make Your Message Stick

To make your message stick, I show you how to incorporate a Phrase That Pays branding statement. Examples include; Make It Work, Walk Your Talk and Keep and Open Mind.

The 3 Critical Components

In the context of a business presentation, a story is a tool. You choose the right story just as you would choose the right tool for the job. Each of the three components is critical to achieving your desired outcome.

The three components of the Story Theater Method for storytelling in business or sales

  • Choosing the right story
  • Developing and writing the story
  • Performing the story

9 Steps of Story Structure for Storytelling in Business by Doug StevensonHaving chosen the right story, it is then crafted using The Nine Steps of Story Structure to ensure that it has all of the elements of a compelling story, in the correct order. Without the proper sequence, your audience may find it hard to follow you.

Finally, the performance of the story will either make or break the effectiveness of the story. A poor, sloppy or undisciplined performance will negate all of the work that went before. A brilliant, polished story will be entertaining, engaging, effective and memorable.

Business and Personal Application

Great-Presentation-Training-PhotoMost of my programs focus in one form or another on effective communication, whether it’s in front of one person or 1,000. It’s not enough to do a data dump. It insults your audience, wastes their time and fails to get results.

Because I spent many years as an actor, and an actor’s tools are words, emotion, mood and relationship, my approach to the delivery of content is refreshingly original. While I’m teaching you how to be more congruent, powerful and effective, I’m modeling what it looks, sounds and feels like.

I’ve worked with leaders at all levels, salespeople, human resources professionals, entrepreneurs and professional speakers. My approach is designed to make you more effective at influencing others through the use of metaphors, stories and brilliantly crafted speeches and presentations.

I will help you to:

  • Find personal stories that make the points you want to make
  • Use 3rd person stories to add credibility to your point or lesson
  • Develop each story so that it makes one targeted point
  • Frame an abstract idea or concept with a story or metaphor
  • Write a persuasive speech or presentation
  • Move beyond content delivery to true connection
  • Stimulate emotion thereby evoking participation
  • Access the intuitive imagination of your listeners
  • Be perceived as smooth, polished and professional
  • Impress others while influencing them to see your point
  • Entertain and add humor to a speech or presentation
  • Blow people away!


Michael Patterson“As someone who is responsible for leadership development I’m always looking for speakers and topics that will bring value to my organization. As someone who has worked with salespeople and sales managers for many years, I recognize that boring, content heavy meetings just don’t work.

We were looking for a way to bring new life and energy to the way our managers talk to and motivate their sale representatives. Doug helped us realize that it’s all about the emotional connection with their audience much more than the content of a presentation or what’s on a PowerPoint slide. I’ve used Doug Stevenson in leadership development programs and he always delivers. He finds a way to balance good solid content, with storytelling and entertainment and getting people involved. If you’re looking for something different as I was, give Doug a call.”

– Michael Patterson – Senior Training Manager – Major Pharmaceutical Company