Acting for Non-Actors

You may not know this, but there is an actor inside of you. He or she shows up multiple times every day. You play roles. You assume different personas. You will yourself into different states of being in order to accomplish your goals.

What if you could harness that ability in service of a powerful and important message?

Acting is the simply the ability to call on different aspects of your personality, different levels of energy, different emotional states at a specific time and place for a specific purpose.

Have you ever been sick and still run a meeting or nailed a sales call? Have you ever felt like taking a nap but instead you hosted a birthday party for your son or daughter? Have you ever been nervous to make a speech or presentation but willed yourself to do it anyway?

In all of those situations, you didn’t turn into a phony, you merely dug deep inside and found an inner reserve of talent and skill.

It is not my intention to turn business professionals into stage actors. It is my intention however to expand the dramatic and comedic range of my students by accessing their hidden acting talent. Most people have the requisite skills to do this work, if they are given proper direction. That is what I provide – positive coaching and knowledgeable direction.

Most of us use acting skills on a daily basis without being aware of it. It’s my job to show you how to use your abilities in service of your message. With my coaching and direction, you will expand into your full potential. That’s what acting class is all about. You don’t become someone else. You become all of who you are!


“Doug Stevenson has to be experienced. Words can’t convey the uncanny ability he has to reach in and capture one’s natural talent and masterfully stretch that talent to a new level. I was absolutely thrilled with the progress I was able to make and the tools I now have at my disposal.

– Karyn Buxman, CSP, CPAE – Professional Speaker

“Doug – I spoke last Wednesday to 1200 people. I nailed it. It was the storytelling, humor and staging that you’ve taught me. Thanks for your coaching. You’ve got a gift.”

– Elaine Allison, President, Presentations Plus, Inc.

“Doug has easy-to-follow steps and formulas to help you be the most amazing and dynamic speaker that you have the power to be. Doug is awesome!”

– Laura Lopez, former Coca Cola executive

“Today, I experienced a career highlight, thanks to you. I delivered my new keynote that you helped me with and the feedback and response was miraculous! I experienced a connection with the audience that I have literally never felt before. The overwhelming feedback from people was how “heartfelt” my message was. I certainly have had many positive comments following presentations before, but never has ANYONE ever used the word “heartfelt!” I also sold more books than I have ever sold BOR. People laughed and cried and the energy in the room was amazing. Thank you so much for all your help. The Retreat and the private coaching that I did with you over the past two months is totally responsible for this transformation. You helped me realize my dream.”

– Sarah Michel, CSP, Professional Speaker