The Creator of the Method

The Creator of The Story Theater Method and Emotional Eloquence – Doug Stevenson

The Story Theater Method is my most genuine expression. It encompasses everything that I’ve studied, practiced and learned over the 61+ years of my life. It is a unique storytelling in business technology that will help you be a better speaker, leader, salesperson, advocate or fundraiser.

For 16 years I dedicated myself to the profession of acting in Chicago and Los Angeles. I performed on stage in everything from Snoopy in You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown to Puck in a Midsummer Nights Dream and Danny Zuko in the 1970 world premier of the hit musical GREASE in Chicago. I also acted in small roles in movies and TV and did TV commercials.

In 1985, having achieved artistic success and personal fulfillment, but little professional recognition or fame, I left Hollywood and my dream of a career in acting behind and began the next chapter of my life in the idyllic town of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I was tired of living hand to mouth. I wanted a wife and a family, a house and a stable life.

Having owned a successful carpentry and remodeling business in Hollywood, I decided that becoming a real estate agent would make sense and allow me to continue to put my knowledge of construction to use for my clients. I was a Realtor for eleven years, eventually owning my own real estate brokerage, Sherlock’s Homes.

While in real estate, I discovered professional speaking. I gave my first paid speech in 1989 and began the transition to professional speaking in 1994 when I joined the National Speakers Association.

After a few years I was well on my way to a full time keynote speaking career, giving keynotes on change, leadership and customer service. By 2001, my Story Theater business had become so popular that I made the decision to follow my bliss and become a storytelling in business expert. My revelation from this shift was that teaching and coaching people on their stories and speeches drew on all of my strengths. I was still able to perform and act through my own stories, but I was also able to teach acting and direct others on their stories.I had stumbled into my most genuine and intuitive expression. I’m not just a performer, I’m a teacher.

The demand for this new speaking and storytelling in business technology and the popularity of my Story Theater Retreats and private coaching has filled my calendar and my life ever since. It’s taken me all over the world and attracted people to fly to my Peak View Studio in Colorado Springs, or to Tucson, Arizona, from all over the world.

In addition to storytelling in business keynotes, retreats and public workshops, I conduct customized corporate seminars for leadership, human resources and sales departments worldwide. I also help fundraising organizations find their fundraising stories. See partial client list.

The resolution of the story? I did find my wife and family in Colorado Springs. In 1994, I married Deborah Merriman, who you will come to know as The VP of Everything for Story Theater International. Together, we have raised her two boys, Michael and Bennett, in cooperation with their father Robert.  In 2015, we moved from Colorado Springs to Tucson, Arizona, to be nearer to our grandchildren in Tucson and California.

Come and visit us in Tucson, Arizona, and let’s do some private coaching.