December 23, 2008

Create a New Tradition – Tell a Story

This year, as you sit together with friends and loved ones celebrating Christmas, Kwanza or Chanukah, gather together after dinner and ask everyone to tell a story. Turn off the TV, bring everyone together and create a new tradition.

If you are the host, you will need to go first, so think about this in advance. Decide how you will set up the ritual. Your instructions need to be very clear and simple.

Consider the following introduction:

“This year we’re going to try something new and exciting. We’re all going to tell a story about something meaningful that happened to us this year. Your story can be about something wonderful or something that was painful, but because of it, you learned something meaningful. The lesson doesn’t need to be huge or earth shattering, just meaningful to you.”

Having said something like that, or something better that you would like to say, set the tone by going first. Tell your story. As you tell it, speak from your head with your heart wide open. Be real. Be honest.

Rituals are powerful because they create a shared experience that in and of itself establish more meaningful relationships.  Invite everyone to participate. Gently encourage the shy ones to share as well. Don’t force anyone, but invite them to contribute. Let them know that their contribution is important.

What will be your story? Think about it.

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