May 31, 2012

Get More Laughs – 2 CDs

Get More Laughs: The 29 Disciplines of Comedy

Learn How to Write and Perform Funny Material

Get More LaughsAre you ready to get more laughs, write funny material and be more consistent with your comedy? In this 2 CD set, you’ll learn the secrets of physical, vocal and conceptual comedy from a very funny man – Doug Stevenson. In 1967, Doug went to a Bill Cosby concert and came away with a burning desire to understand how to get laughs. He’s been studying comedy as an actor, speaker and storyteller ever since. Doug now teaches comedy and drama to seasoned and aspiring speakers, trainers and business professionals through his workshops, Story Theater Retreats and private coaching. Get ready to learn how to Get More Laughs. 82 minutes.

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