June 1, 2012

Solid Gold Nuggets of Speaking and Storytelling Wisdom

Solid Gold NuggetsIn these 4 CDs, you’ll hear interviews with 8 top professional speakers who have given over 18,000 speeches combined. They share the lessons they have learned after many years and many thousands of speeches. Hosted by master storytelling coach, Doug Stevenson, the interviews also include Story Theater Method tips and commentary.

Listen and learn amazing insights from:

  • Mark Sanborn
  • Eileen McDargh
  • Terry Paulson
  • W. Mitchell
  • Lisa McInnes-Smith
  • Ty Boyd
  • Hope Mihalap
  • Robin Sieger

Discover How You Can Be An Amazing Storyteller and More! Over 4 hours of inspiring content.

Price: $5.00

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