May 26, 2012

Take Your Story to the Bank – 2 CDs

How to Market and Sell Yourself and Your Speeches

Take Your Story to the BankA recording of a live tele-seminar. This 2-CD program will help you:

  • Explore strategies and tips for self promotion
  • Discover how one great story can build your speaking career
  • Learn about speakers bureaus, meeting planners and how to find them

In this program, you’ll learn 7 tips for selling your speeches, 5 strategies for selling yourself, the power of positioning, how to get speakers bureaus to notice you, where to find clients that will hire you, how to create an Imbroglio story and how to create product from your speeches.

Also included: a pdf downloadable handout for this program.

Please download the handout within 24 hours after purchase.

Price: $5.00

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