June 7, 2012

The Story Theater Performance Package

The Story Theater Method Book

Story Theater Performance Package(Formerly titled: Never Be Boring Again) Learn how to make entertaining and effective presentations with the Story Theater Method. This book is unlike any other book on speaking skills. It teaches a breakthrough method that can help you make dynamic business presentations in front of any audience, anytime, anywhere.

The Story Theater Audio Six Pack

This comprehensive and practical exploration of storytelling in business will help you to be a better speaker immediately. This 6 audio CD set covers how and why stories work, how to choose, place and develop your stories to make your business and training points; how to craft and structure stories for greater effectiveness; how to add humor and drama to your stories; and how to perform stories.

Get More Laughs

This 2 CD set covers The 29 Disciplines of Comedy, and instructions on how to write and perform funny material. Get laughs consistently. Learn the secrets of physical, vocal, and conceptual comedy, and many comedy skills not covered in the Story Theater Audio Six Pack.

Price: $38.00

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